“Recent deaths of Lulu and Indigo, also known as whales L53 and L100 from the Southern Resident Killer Whale Pod, could prove to be bad news for activists”

Whoever writes for AwesomeOcean needs a proper smack in the face. Hard. This is bad news for EVERYONE WHO CARES ABOUT THE SOUTHERN RESIDENTS. Fuck this website and fuck anybody who supports them.

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did you know that the cast and crew of the movie Jaws became horrified at the results of their movie? fucking horrified at the mass hysteria they had caused

not only that, peter benchley regretted writing the original novel right up until his death, and spent his final years trying to raise awareness and reverse the impact jaws had on people’s perception of sharks, which his wife continues today

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Procaps are so ignorant sometimes jfc.

Like we’re over here working our asses off and keeping each other up to date on sightings logs and news for the Northern Resident, Southern Resident, Icelandic, Russian, UK, Argentinian and NZ populations of orca and actively campaigning for projects to protect them and their environment while these guys just sitting on their asses waiting for one of the animals we’ve watched for so long to die so they can point the finger at us.

So tell me, cause I’m curious. What exactly are y’all procaps doing to help, hmm? Marine parks don’t contribute jack shit to wild cetaceans. But y’all won’t donate to the people working to actively preserve wild populations cause you don’t get to have your special magical ~*connection*~ with an animal if it has the space to get away from you.

How many of you donated to help out the Orca Research Trust?

How many of you symbolically adopted orca through the various schemes set up by multiple organisations?

I’m seriously curious about this. Because y’all don’t get to throw stones when you contribute jack shit to wild cetacean research and conservation. Y’all don;t get to throw stones when you know literally nothing about these animals. How many of you had even heard of Lulu or Indigo before this? Hell, how many of you even know the names of Southern Residents besides Granny and Ocean Sun? Better yet, how many of you know the names of any of the Northern Residents, or the UK’s West Coast group?

You guys are so hypocritical it is unbelievable, good lord.

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In The Deadliest Year Yet, Norway Killed Hundreds Of Whales For No Reason →

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So, just so everyone is clear (wink wink Cher) PETA isn’t buying SeaWorld stocks because overnight they’ve decided to do a complete 180 and invest in SeaWorld.  They, as always, want to be the biggest, angriest thorn in SeaWorld’s side in every way possible and this move is simply another way for them to do that (by going to stockholders meetings and bringing in celebrities to yell at SeaWorld, which gets headlines, which people who are not as invested in this as we, but perhaps are planning their vacations, SEE).  They’re keeping SeaWorld in the news in a negative way almost weekly, so, calm down kidlets… it’s PETA, not Pirtle.


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Shark shows up in New England waters and instead of educating the public and providing information, the local news teams are turning into Shark Week 2.0… I think I just scolded a news channel on facebook, you guys…


Just wondering, y’all procaps do realise that pilot whales have attacked humans in the wild, right?

And I’m not talking mistaken identity type cases like with orca, they’ve literally bitten, rammed, and held people underwater before.

What part of you actually thinks it’s a good idea to endanger trainers by putting them in the water with animals that we know can be aggressive towards humans in a wild setting? At what point does putting trainers in constant close proximity to these animals become a smart thing to do?

You guys are so damn selfish, jesus christ. It’s like all you care about is waterworks and skirting around laws put in place purely FOR THE SAFETY OF TRAINERS. But hey, it doesn’t matter if someone breaks an arm or dies so long as you get your waterworks, right?


Pro-caps are most likely the most selfish human beings I have ever come across. They don’t care about the animals, they don’t care about the safety of others, all they care about is their own desires. They want to see these animals up close and performing unnatural circus tricks, and to them… THAT is what is important. Disgusting.