Yeah so basically if you send anon hate unfollow me thanks

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Anonymous said: Ur a fucking disgusting procap who deserves to be kidnapped and raped then locked in a tiny room begging for food forever. themidnightclub is right, maliathemoron is a better name for you. Kill urself







Oh look, my first anon hate! You know what? I don’t have to deal with this bullshit. The anticaps of tumblr are viciously mean and stubborn. They do not see reason. They know nothing except how to spread hate. I’m going to put every anticap I know of on ignore. I love tumblr, it’s my happy place. I already have people telling me to kill myself in real life. I have been raped. I don’t need any of you wishing it upon me. Bye anon.

Normally I don’t get involved in these types of things (I’ve been more or less distant from the pro-cap/anti-cap debates for awhile now, as I don’t find enjoyment in them and rarely are they respectful and educational) however, I have to say something about this. I don’t care what your beliefs are or what you support, under NO CIRCUMSTANCESis it ok to wish abduction, rape, death, exc. on someone for their beliefs. 

You can respectfully disagree with someone’s opinion, you can constructively debate with them, you can ignore them completely if you’d rather not get involved, but wishing bodily harm and/or threatening others completely crosses the line. It’s wrong, sick, and speaks of some serious psychological issues and insecurities on the part of the person making such horrific statements. 

Let’s clarify this one more time, because I have seen this far too many times (from people on both sides):

It is never okay to wish bodily harm, death, suicide, torture, or any other form of violent and/or potentially triggering activities upon anyone, regardless of their personal views and opinions on a topic. 

themidnightclub strikes again I see

there are no words for what is wrong with them jfc

how do y’all expect us to have reasonable debate with people if you keep telling them to kill themselves goddamn this is like the 5th person in two months

but as a side note bonded it’d be real swell if you didn’t equate psychological issues with people behaving like that

we don’t want to be associated with shitstains like that tbh

dude what the fuck. this is all kinds of not okay :/

Yea all kinds of not okay here
anyone getting any kinds of these messages - not okay

Wow, this is horrific.

I’m sorry you got this anon, maliathemighty. Seriously ashamed of this community right now.

This community is absolutely horrific. If you for one second think that sending ANYONE these kinds kinds of messages is okay, then you are 100% what is wrong with this world.

Take SeaWorld off of the Southern California CityPASS →




Does anyone know if there’s already an existing petition or campaign for the SoCal CityPASS to remove SeaWorld from their package? If there isn’t, there really should be!

I love the SoCal CityPASS otherwise, because it gives you a 3-day park hopper to Disneyland/California Adventure and a day’s…

Guys, we’ve done great things - is this even possible? We would have to be asking them to cut ties with Seaworld by removing them from the pass, they would also have to decrease the price of said pass because it has one less park on it. I don’t really know if any antis will reblog to discuss this?

It would be great to do, I’m not personally familiar with the pass but sounds familiar to ones you can get here in the UK for theme parks.
The least we could do is see if its possible to have Seaworld put as an optional extra? that way only people wanting to go to the park would be giving money to seaworld.

Winter's Hope for the Vaquita →


Naomi Rose put it best:
"The vaquita is SO close to extinction, I don’t think it matters why anyone helps - it just matters that they DO help. This little porpoise is disappearing - we need all hands on deck…”
I’ve posted about the Vaquita before and now there is something people can do to help - GET PETITION SIGNING! 

Marineland 10/12/14 - Closing day →





Just to clarify, I did not go to ML and photos are not mine. Taken by a member of OCAW.



FILTHY beluga tank. It has been like this for weeks and weeks.


Sadly, ML’s pinnipeds having red, bulging eyes is typical.



This is where the bears live. There is no shelter for mothers with cubs, and as a result, cubs have been killed and eaten by male bears.


This is where the deer live. Absolutely pathetic.


Closing day??? Did they close down, or just for the season?

Just for the season unfortunately!