Check out @CoveGuardians’s Tweet: Risso’s fighting hard as killers gain control once again. Just outside of killing cove. 10:02am #tweet4taiji

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Check out @Dolphin_Project’s Tweet: Taiji: Dolphin pod being pushed in. 2014-09-18 9:15am #Tweet4Dolphins #DolphinProject

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Check out @CoveGuardians’s Tweet: 12 boats now driving pod toward Taiji harbor.We will be live streaming at as boats get closer #tweet4taiji 9:05am

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Check out @Dolphin_Project’s Tweet: Taiji: Dolphin pod trying to flee the hunters. 2014-09-18 #Tweet4Dolphins #DolphinProject

5 boats holding pod about 5-6 miles... - Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (official) | Facebook →

Anonymous said: Hey, what are your thoughts on Mote Marine Laboratory in Florida? I interned there for a while, so I'm curious as to what the anti-cap community has to say about them.

I have, honestly, never even heard of them… But you have peeked my curiosity and now I plan on looking into them! 

Do any of my followers have any information on this establishment that they could provide me? 

Many thanks! :)





So if Seaworld (or another park) would’ve taken Keiko in, instead of the whole sea-pen/release thing, and he’d died of pneumonia at a park…

Do you think anyone would still be talking about him?

Not a chance in hell.

"Keikos release was a failure because he died!!1!!1!1"
Lmao no
If there was one thing to take years off of his life it was captivity, and by that logic captivity is a MASSIVE failure because look how many animal have died captive.
He wasn’t immortal, his rehab put years in his life!

People forget that he was literally about to die in Mexico. And SeaWorld still wouldn’t take him.

In a sick twisted sort of way… It’s because of SeaWorld’s horribleness that Keiko got to live the remainder of his life as a free orca. Because they refused to help him, everyone else did. He got healthier and bigger than he ever would have at SeaWorld and he got to know what it meant to be wild again.

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Please sign this petition! Then blog it so others can sign! I am so fricking mad right now I can’t see straight…and this shit is fucking legal?!? Omfg!

In part…THIS! …’Shears mentioned that she and her friends regularly kill animals in this way and has shown no remorse since this video went viral.’

How could anyone feel okay with acting in this manner? Please sign and share this, everyone. These types of people are often not just a threat to innocent animals, but far too frequently it escalates into much more violent behavior. Action needs to be taken now to put an end to this girl’s brutality!


"I love how SeaWorld keeps suggesting that somehow Blackfish’s ‘undeserved’ success has prevented it from ‘telling its side of the story.’ SeaWorld was in a position to tell its side of the story for 45 years - in fact, during that time it had almost exclusive use of the mike. Turnabout is fair play, SeaWorld - get over it." - Dr. Naomi Rose

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